Aaron Yeboah Jr.
Yeboah Junior is a Ghanaian designer and creative director currently living and working in Accra, Ghana. Since 2010, Yeboah has constantly being embarking on projects and endeavors that pushes creative boundaries especially in Africa. Using design as a tool to inspire, educate and inform, Yeboah’s primary mission is to deliver innovative cross-platform solutions to communication and visual design and be a creative force in Ghana, Africa and beyond. 
In 2012, Yeboah launched African Lens, a publication featuring and celebrating African Photographers. The publication has released 4 volumes and exhibited photography works in Ghana and South Africa so far.
Yeboah is currently developing African Proverbs Archive, an app to discover an archive of African Proverbs. 

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(Cape Town, South Africa 2016)
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(Johannesburg, South Africa 2016)
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(Accra - 2017)
Ghana Design Network - Designers Meet 
(Accra 2017)
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(Accra 2017)
Radford University - Final Year Student Review)
(Accra 2018)

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